Solo Exhibition – “Where do We go From Here”



Solo Exhibition – “Where do We go From Here”

Our leading statesmen keep considering the economy and failed banks as a critical priority, while increased greed for more wealth is yet observed. What about climate change? Never before has an emergency session been convened to make a “plan for the Earth” and discuss climate change, although such changes cause the real natural disasters. They affect the lives of people much more destructively than anything else. The project aims to awaken an indifferent humankind with an invitation to the same conference in Paris in 50 years’ time. Humankind and the climate change problem have come to a climate dissonance calling for political self-awareness, activism, ethics, and individual responsibility. The current sessions, declarations, and conferences have clearly revealed that climate change is unfolding much faster than the actions taken by politicians to improve climate change. George Marshall sees the facts for it in recent politics, in malicious corporate directors, fat bankers, lazy journalists, evasive lawyers, and an indifferent public. In any case, if emissions and climate change are not improved, Mother Nature will change the world drastically by 2065. The art project shows explicitly that the most powerful global elites will not escape the consequences of climate change. History has shown and taught us that the elite react immediately, when they, their personal interests, and their existence are in danger. They stop shutting their eyes, become very flexible and willing, make unlimited funds available, change the rules of the free market and, suddenly, the money to provide assistance is no longer an issue. Naturally, in order to save themselves first and then the rest of the world.

We have high hopes that in Paris COP 21 a truly historical document will be signed.